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Representative Mike Glanton Amends HB 277

ATLANTA- This week the House Transportation Committee reviewed HB 277, the Georgia 20/20 Statewide Transportation Act. This bill offers a statewide plan to improve Georgia’s transportation needs. (more…)

Representative Rick Austin Introduces Education Reform Package

ATLANTA— Today State Representative Rick Austin (R-Demorest) announced his new education reform package, comprised of House Bills 501 and 503. This legislation provides teachers with the resources to teach required standards and ensures that first and second grade students build the educational base necessary to succeed in later grades.

Representative Geisinger Wants to Remove Ad Valorem and Sales Tax on All Motor Vehicles

ATLANTA— Today Representative Harry Geisinger (R-Roswell) introduced legislation giving Georgians a new reason to celebrate birthdays. (more…)

Statement from Representative Franklin on House Bill 466

ATLANTA – Today Representative Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta) released the following statement concerning House Bill 466: (more…)

Jobs, Opportunity and Business Success Act of 2009


ATLANTA— Today State Representative Tom Graves (R-Ranger) announced the “Jobs, Opportunity, and Business Success Act of 2009.” This Act is comprised of House Bills 481 and 482. This legislation provides an economic recovery plan for Georgia’s economy by providing an economic environment that encourages opportunity, productivity, and innovation. (more…)