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Representative Cox Urges Adoption of Fair Tax

ATLANTA- Representative Clay Cox (R- Lilburn) has introduced a resolution urging the United States Congress to adopt the Fair Tax Act. (more…)

House Applauds Senate for Passing J.O.B.S. Act

ATLANTA— Today the Georgia Senate overwhelmingly passed the Jobs, Opportunity, and Business Success Act of 2009 (J.O.B.S. Act). (more…)

Rep. Neal Reads to Pre-K Students

ATLANTA – Today Representative Jay Neal (R –LaFayette) read Green Eggs & Ham to a group of Pre-K students at the Academy for Little People in Chickamauga, GA. This was part of the school’s celebration of Dr. Seuss Week. (more…)

Creating “JOBS” in Georgia

By state Representative Tom Graves (R) HD 12

We hear many supporters of government spending and critics of free markets say “only government action” can provide jobs, give folks money, and make everything alright. However, this faulty notion doesn’t work. (more…)

Tax Credit for Home Buyers Passes House

ATLANTA— Today the Georgia House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed House Bill 261 by a vote of 162 to 4. The measure now moves to the state Senate for consideration. (more…)