Rep. Debbie Buckner Elected Vice-Chairman of the Rural Caucus

ATLANTA – State Representative Debbie Buckner (D-Junction City) has been elected vice chairman of the House Rural Caucus, the largest non-partisan caucus in the Georgia House of Representatives.

“It is my honor to be elected vice chairman of the Rural Caucus,” said Rep. Buckner. “As a member of the caucus since its creation, I have seen rural caucus members from all parts of the state come together for the good of rural Georgia. I look forward to working together with this great slate of new officers and the many new members of the caucus to move Georgia forward.”

Consisting of approximately 55 House members, the Rural Caucus was created eight years ago to address issues affecting rural areas and rural communities.

The caucus also elected Representative Jason Shaw (R-Lakeland) as Chairman, Representative Jan Tankersley (R-Brooklet) as Secretary, and Representative Tommy Benton (R-Jefferson) as Treasurer.