Rep. Jan Jones and North Fulton Legislators to Introduce Legislation Re-establishing Milton County

ATLANTA— Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones (R-Milton) announced today the introduction of a House resolution that would allow Georgia to re-establish Milton County. Representatives Harry Geisinger, Chuck Martin, Lynne Riley and Wendell Willard will also introduce separate, identical House resolutions. The original Milton County merged with Fulton County in 1931 to avoid bankruptcy during the Great Depression.

“We are committed to a more accountable county government that satisfactorily performs only the services that are necessary and no more,” said Jones. “I believe significant reform of Fulton County this year and a continued push to re-create Milton County will deliver it.”

Jones’ resolution would amend the state constitution to allow a previously merged county to be re-created through a voter referendum. Only two counties remain in Georgia that were previously merged into another, Milton County covering most of north Fulton County and Campbell County extending across south Fulton County.

As a constitutional amendment, the resolution would have to garner a two-thirds majority vote in the Georgia House and Senate before it could be placed on the General ballot for a statewide vote.

Speaker Pro-Tempore Jan Jones represents the citizens of District 47. She was elected into the House of Representatives in 2003, and currently serves on the Appropriations, Education, Ethics, Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment, and Rules committees.