Rep. Scott Sponsors Legislation to Change Tattoo Studio Requirements

ATLANTA — State Representative Sandra Scott (D-Rex) today announced the introduction of House Bill 118. This legislation would require tattoo studios to notify patrons that tattoos in certain locations could disqualify them from joining the military.

“This is an important bill because this should be something people know prior to getting a tattoo,” said Rep. Scott. “I believe that it is the responsibility of the tattoo shops to inform their customers of the potential risks involved in getting tattoos in certain areas of the body.”

HB 118 would require tattoo shops to clearly display a printed sign that warns potential customers that tattoos in certain locations will automatically disqualify them from military service. Tattoos on the face, neck, forearm, hand, and lower leg may disqualify individuals from service. This bill also states that this warning sign must be displayed in a prominent place that is easily seen by all customers.

For more information on HB 118, please click here.

Representative Sandra Scott represents the citizens of District 76, which includes portions of Clayton and Henry counties. She was first elected into the House Representatives in 2010, and currently serves on the Human Relations & Aging, Legislative & Congressional Reapportionment, Science and Technology, and Special Rules committees.