Rep. Kirby Announces Introduction of the Georgia Fair Taxation Act of 2014

ATLANTA – State Representative Tom Kirby (R-Loganville) announced at a press conference today that he will introduce the Georgia Fair Taxation Act of 2014 on Thursday, March 28, 2013. This legislation would move Georgia to a “fair taxation” system by eliminating the state income tax completely.

“By removing the income tax, we can increase the number of tax payers and reduce the amount everyone pays,” said Rep. Kirby. “The public is ready for serious tax reform and bold solutions to solve our economic problems.”

The Georgia Fair Taxation Act, if approved by the General Assembly, would prohibit the state of Georgia from collecting income taxes or requiring income tax returns. The bill would also raise the consumption tax in the state.

Rep. Kirby will bring together leading economists over the next nine months to decide the proper tax rates needed to ensure the bill has a neutral effect on the state’s revenue. They will also decide which goods and services should be included in the bill’s consumption tax, and whether any exemptions should be made. Additionally, Rep. Kirby and the economists will work to project the positive impacts this legislation could have on economic development in Georgia.

“This legislation would move Georgia from an income tax to a consumption based tax, so that tourists and visitors would share in the tax burden. By shifting this responsibility, the state will be able to receive tax dollars from everyone who enjoys government services, and in turn help Georgia attract new business,” added Rep. Kirby.

When the Georgia Fair Taxation Act of 2014 has been enacted, Georgia will join at least 8 states with no income tax, including Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee. In addition, states like South Carolina are considering their own fair taxation bill to eliminate the income tax in their state.

To watch a recording of today’s press conference, please click here.

Representative Tom Kirby represents the citizens of District 114, which includes portions of Barrow, Gwinnett, and Walton counties. He was elected into the House of Representatives in 2012, and serves as the Secretary on the Human Relations & Aging, and Industry and Labor committees. He also serves on the Agriculture & Consumer Affairs, and the Small Business Development committees.

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