Rep. Lindsey Comments on New Right to Work Protections

ATLANTA— State Representative Edward Lindsey (R-Atlanta) commented today on Governor Nathan Deal signing into law House Bill 361 and Senate Bill 179, a pair of legislative actions that reaffirm Georgia’s public policy as a “right to work” state. Rep. Lindsey sponsored both bills.

According to HB 361, the right to a secret ballot in union elections is specifically recognized. In addition, a union member who desires to leave a union can do so at any time and cease having his/her union dues deducted from their paycheck.

“These bills prove Georgia’s commitment to the worker rather than accommodating unions and their increasing commitment of self-preservation,” said Rep. Edward Lindsey. “These measures will reduce possible intimidation in union elections and assist workers in demanding that their union is responsive to their concerns.”

Rep. Lindsey was also the House Sponsor for Senate Bill 179, which mirrored HB 362 passed by the House and later incorporated into SB 179. It assures that no state agency, local government, authority, department, commission, board, or similar entity that contracts for public works construction shall require private businesses they contract will to use a unionized labor force. The bill is intended to level the playing field for all bidders on public contracts.

“These new laws are supported by Georgia’s business community. I believe both are necessary steps meant to aide Georgia’s growth during this prolonged economic stagnation,” added Rep. Lindsey.

For more information about HB 361, please click here For more information about SB 179, please click here.

Representative Edward Lindsey represents the citizens of District 54, which includes portions of Fulton County. He was elected into the House of Representatives in 2004, and currently serves on the Appropriations, Education, Ethics, Industry and Labor, Judiciary, and Rules committees.