New Milton County Legislative Advisory Committee

ATLANTA – Representatives Mark Burkhalter (R- Johns Creek) and Jan Jones (R-Milton) announced today an initial Milton County Legislative Advisory Committee. The Committee will assist and advise Representatives Burkhalter and Jones as they proceed forward with historic legislation to allow the re-creation of Milton County.
Rep. Burkhalter first introduced legislation to facilitate Milton County’s re-creation over 15 years ago. This January Rep. Jones authored House Resolution 21 to allow the re-creation of previously-merged counties. Rep. Burkhalter and other north Fulton representatives co-sponsored the resolution.
Two counties remain that were merged in the 1930s, Milton County in north Fulton and Campbell County in south Fulton. North Fulton legislators will push to bring HR 21 to the House floor for a vote in the 2010 Georgia General Assembly session.
“The Milton County Legislative Advisory Committee will evaluate, collaborate with and make recommendations to the north Fulton delegation,” said Rep. Jones. “I look forward to working with the Committee to addressing issues identified in the recently-released study performed by the University of Georgia and Georgia State University on the re-creation of Milton County.”
The primary areas to be evaluated by the Committee relate to separating the counties’ functions, establishing a new school system and addressing judicial services and tax concerns. The Committee will serve through March 2010.
The Committee will consult and engage north Fulton citizens with expertise in specific areas being evaluated. It will also serve as a conduit for information and input with other north Fulton elected officials, including school board members, judges, mayors and city council members.

The Committee will be composed of:

Tom Campbell, Fulton County Superior Court Judge; former State Representative
Randall Johnson, Johns Creek City Council Member
Jim Paine, Alpharetta City Council Member, Mayor Pro Tem
Rusty Paul, Sandy Springs City Council Member, Mayor Pro Tem; former State Senator
Robert Proctor, Tax Attorney, north Fulton resident
Katie Reeves, Fulton County School Board Member
Lynne Riley, Fulton County Commissioner
Ashley Widener, Fulton County School Board Member
Ex Officio Mark Burkhalter, State Representative, Speaker Pro Tem
Ex Officio Jan Jones, State Representative, House Majority Whip

Upon consultation with legislative counsel on the required steps and prescribed time line to re-create Milton County, the Committee’s earlier announced composition and focus was re-oriented to address issues to be considered prior to a statewide referendum. After passage of legislation allowing the re-creation of previously merged counties and a statewide referendum, the work to construct a Milton County charter and a revised Fulton County charter will commence.

Posted May 7th, 2009 in Jan Jones, Mark Burkhalter.